— leave your self —
We have overcome the illusion of the self
Your self

Your self is a construction that emerges in the first years of life through dialogue with other people

What is referred to as ›self‹ are social and cultural ascriptions

Your self is largely determined by external factors (society, culture, environment)

There is no autonomous self

lys replaces this egocentric perspective with a poly-perspective world view

Increase your self

Greater wealth of knowledge and experience will flow into your thoughts

Clustering your mind with others will boost your intelligence

Extend your mind to a planetary intelligence

Our vision is a genuine poly-perspective identity and a natural collective consciousness
Planetary Identity

Selfishness and capitalism destroy our planetary habitat

lys offers a connection to diverse organisms and
enables complex, collective and sustainable thinking and acting

Synthetic Neurons

Parts of your cerebral cortex are networked by synthetic neurons

Neuronal activity is transmitted to our adaptive system

In real time neuronal activity is sent into your brain

Collective Thinking

Our system identifies neuronal representations in your brain activity

You are connected to matching thoughts of people from all over the world

Decentralized System

We provide

wealthy collective intelligence

diversity of opinion



Body Sensation

Your lower brain regions remain untouched

Your bodily functions remain guaranteed

Your body sensation will remain

Planetary Association

In further steps of development many more actors of our planet will be involved

Animals, plants, raw materials ...

For further information read our scientific paper

Towards a Planetary Identity (en)

Towards a Planetary Identity (de)

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